Additions to the June 1930 Philco line (August - October 1930)

All June 1930 models remained in the Philco lineup.

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Model 20, 1930 Concert Grand, 1930 Model 20 Lowboy, 1930

In August 1930, Philco added two new models to its radio lineup - one for the very wealthy, and one which would make Philco famous.

The new Concert Grand was basically a Model 296 in a much more ornate corner cabinet.

The other new model, the Baby Grand or Model 20, was the first such offering by any of the major radio manufacturers. (Some smaller radio makers had already begun offering "midget" radios; the term "cathedral" or "beehive" would not come into use until decades later, when they became collectible items.)

At the price of $49.50 less tubes, reaching the market ten months after the 1929 stock market crash which marked the beginning of the Great Depression, it was an instant hit; making Philco the number one radio manufacturer in the industry. Philco would remain the top radio maker in the USA until after World War II.

In October, Philco took the "economy" radio idea a step further, introducing a new, small console which was dubbed the "Baby Grand Console." The new model contained the same chassis and speaker as did the Model 20 Baby Grand (cathedral).

Throughout this time, the Philco models which were put on the market in June 1930 remained available.

August 1930

The Baby Grand

Philco Model 20 Baby Grand

Model 20

Photo courtesy John Mielke

Here is Philco's very first "cathedral" model. The circuitry is similar to the much larger Model 77, but the parts are arranged on a much smaller and lighter chassis.

Original selling price: $49.50

Number made: 343,903 (Note: This figure includes January 1931 Model 20 Revised or Deluxe)

The Concert Grand Radio-Phonograph

Philco Concert Grand

Concert Grand

Photo courtesy James Warner

A set made for the very wealthy, but perhaps it was too "Grand" for the times. Due to economic conditions, such a set could not possibly have sold very well, and it didn't; making this model very hard to find today.

One needs to be seen to appreciate how large this radio is. It was made to be placed in the corner of a room; the back sides are beveled for this purpose.

Original selling price: $350

Number made: 300

October 1930

The Baby Grand Console

Philco Model 20 Lowboy

Model 20 Lowboy

The Model 20 chassis and speaker was also used in this very compact floor model cabinet, which made a "furniture" model radio affordable.

Original selling price: $69.50

Number made: 70,000