Philco for 1942 (introduced January 1942)

All June 1941 models continued in the Philco lineup; none were discontinued until 100% conversion to war work for the duration (approx. March 1942).

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Battery-operated Farm Set

Model 42-131T

Electric (AC) models

Model A-361 Model A-801

Philco Tropic models

Model 42-720T Model A-707

Philco Transitone models

Model 42-PT3 Model 42-PT96

By January 1942, America was officially involved in World War II, Pearl Harbor having been attacked by the Japanese less than a month earlier. Within a few months, Philco's production lines would convert completely to war work for the U.S. Government.

But this did not stop Philco from adding nine new models to its 1942 lineup. Two of the new models were recycled car radios, converted to AC, installed in wooden cabinets and shipped out the door to get rid of otherwise unusable car radio inventory (automobile manufacturers were also converting to war work, leaving new car radios with no new cars to be installed into).

It would be four years before Philco produced any more new radios for civilian use.

Battery-operated Farm Set

Philco Model 42-131T

Model 42-131T

Photo used by permission.

The 42-131T is electrically identical to the 42-121CB. It uses four tubes and tunes the AM band only.

Original selling price: $24.95

Number made: 10,550

Electric (AC) Models

Philco Model A-361

Model A-361

Photo courtesy Shiloh Reed

One of two Philco home sets to use converted Philco car radio chassis. The heart of the A-361 was an F-1942 (Ford) AM receiver, converted to operate on AC and placed in a medium size console cabinet.

Original selling price: Not available

Number made: 35,800

Philco Model A-801

Model A-801

Photo courtesy Lee Holmes

This is Philco's other converted car radio, using a C-1908 (Chrysler) auto radio chassis, changed to AC operation and installed in a chairside cabinet that is either decorative or unattractive, depending on your point of view.

Original selling price & number made: Not available

Philco Tropic Models

Philco Model 42-720T

Models 42-720T, 42-721T & 42-722T

Illustration is representative of models 42-720T, 42-721T & 42-722T, as all three are identical in appearance.

These three new export models shared cabinets and frequency coverage (540-1600 kc, 3.0-9.3 mc, 9.3-12 mc & 12-22 mc). It is known that model 42-720 used five tubes and operated on 115 volts AC. The number of tubes and type of power used by the other two is not known at this time.

Original selling price (all three): Not available

Number made: 3,570 (Note: Figure includes production of models 42-720T, 42-721T & 42-722T)

Philco Model A-707

Model A-707

This set used the same photofinished cabinet as the new 42-PT3 (see below), but was capable of receiving AM and shortwave from 2.3 to 7.5 mc and 7 to 22 mc. It used five tubes (plus a ballast) and could operate from 115 or 230 volts, AC or DC.

The chassis is the same as the June 1941 model 42-706.

Original selling price: Not available

Number made: 10,100

Philco Transitone Models

Philco Model 42-PT3

Model 42-PT3

Photo courtesy Thomas Spiegle

As with model A-707 above, the new 42-PT3 featured a cabinet finished entirely in photofinish; underneath that fancy-looking tiger striped pattern is a very plain white wood.

The 42-PT3 uses the same chassis as the June 1941 42-PT2.

Original selling price: $22.95

Number made: 42,465

Philco Model 42-PT96

Model 42-PT96

The other new mid-season Transitone, it also had a photofinished cabinet housing a chassis identical to the June 1941 model 42-PT91.

Original selling price: $18.95

Number made: 34,360