Philco for 1952

Introduced Summer 1951, with changes/additions made January 1952

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Model 52-643 Model 52-939 and 941 Model 52-940 Model 52-942 Model 52-944 Model 52-1340 Model 52-1730 Model 52-1731 Model 52-1733 Model 52-1736

Philco's 1952 radio line was not much different from its 1951 line. The styling leaders for '52 were probably models 52-542 and 52-548, although models 52-939, 940, 941 & 942 are also very attractive sets. Other models in the Philco line had become basically utilitarian in appearance.

The 1952 Philco Line

Philco Model 52-540, mahogany Philco Model 52-540, ivory

Model 52-540

Model 52-540 in mahogany plastic (left) and ivory (right)

These two five-tube, AM-only models operated on AC or DC current and received the AM band

Philco Model 52-541, mahogany Philco Model 52-541, ivory

Model 52-541

Model 52-541 in mahogany plastic (left) and ivory (right)

Slightly larger than the 52-540 above, the 541 also used five tubes and received the AM band.

Philco Model 52-542 Philco Model 52-542, ivory

Model 52-542

Model 52-542 in mahogany plastic (left) and ivory (right)

Photo on left courtesy Bill Hutchinson

These Philco models use the same five tube, AC/DC chassis as models 52-540 and 52-541 above.

Philco Model 52-544

Models 52-543, 52-544 & 52-545

Model 52-544-I (ivory) shown at left.

These three clock radios are similar in appearance; they differ only in colors and features.

Model 52-543 only has a time set control, no automatic timer or alarm. It was available only in mahogany plastic.

Model 52-544 includes an automatic timer with alarm, and was available in three colors (mahogany, ivory, and white).

Model 52-545 also has an automatic timer with alarm. It was made in mahogany and ivory cabinets.

All three include five tube AM radios.

Philco Model 52-547

Model 52-547

This five tube AM radio includes a clock with an automatic timer and alarm.

Philco Model 52-548 Philco Model 52-548, ivory

Model 52-548

Model 52-548 in brown plastic (left) and ivory (right)

The 52-548 uses five tubes and receives the AM band.

Model 52-549

No photo is available for this model.

This five tube, AC/DC, AM radio was housed in a wooden cabinet.

Philco Model 52-550

Model 52-550

Another five tube Philco clock radio with an automatic timer and alarm feature. Like Philco's other table model clock radios, the 550 tunes the AM band only.

This model was available in mahogany or blonde.

Philco Model 52-640

Model 52-640

Available only in maroon, the 52-640 can operate on AC or DC current, or on batteries. It is an AM-only radio that uses four tubes plus a selenium rectifier.

Philco Model 52-641

Models 52-641 & 52-642

Model 52-641 shown at left in Swedish Red.

These two portable models are identical in appearance. Both use four tubes plus a selenium rectifier, tune the AM band only, and can operate on batteries or on AC or DC household current.

Model 52-641 was available in four colors: Maroon, Swedish Red, Nile Green, and Arabian Sand.

Model 52-642 includes a headphone jack. In addition to the colors listed above, the 642 was also available in Teal Green, Caribbean Blue, and Ebony.

Philco Model 52-643

Model 52-643

Like Philco's other 1952 portable models, the 52-643 can operate on AC or DC current, or on batteries.

The AM radio uses five tubes plus a selenium rectifier.

This set was only available in brown plastic.

Philco Model 52-941

Models 52-939 & 52-941

Model 52-941 shown at left.

These two sets are six tube AM radios that operate on AC or DC current.

Model 52-939 is in a cabinet similar to the 52-941, except that it is ebony in color.

Philco Model 52-940 Philco Model 52-940, gray

Model 52-940

Model 52-940 in mahogany plastic (left) and gray plastic (right)

Two more AM radios that use a six tube AC/DC circuit.

Philco Model 52-942

Model 52-942

Another model to use the same circuitry as models 52-939, 54-940 and 52-941 above.

The cabinet is maroon plastic.

Philco Model 52-944

Model 52-944

Philco's only AM-FM table model for 1952 uses six tubes plus a selenium rectifier, and is housed inside a mahogany plastic cabinet.

Philco Model 52-1340

Model 52-1340

Identical in appearance to the previous year's 51-1330, the 1952 version also includes a five tube AM radio and a three-speed automatic record changer, all built into a brown plastic table model cabinet.

Philco Model 52-1730

Model 52-1730

Philco's lowest priced floor model radio-phonograph includes an AM radio and a three speed record changer.

The wood cabinet has a mahogany finish.

Philco Model 52-1731

Model 52-1731

An AM-FM floor model radio, the 1731 also includes a three speed automatic record changer inside its mahogany finished cabinet.

Philco Model 52-1733, mahogany Philco Model 52-1733-L, blonde

Model 52-1733

Model 52-1733 in mahogany finish (left) and blonde finish (right)

With a choice of two finishes, this Philco model offers AM and FM reception to go along with its three speed record changer.

Philco Model 52-1736

Model 52-1736

Philco's top of the line model for 1952 was available only with a mahogany finish. It includes an AM-FM radio and a three speed automatic record changer.