Philco for 1956

Introduced Summer 1955

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Model D664 Model D665 Model D717 Model D719 Model D725 Model D726 Model D727 Model D728 Model D730 Model D734
Model D736 Model D737 Model D738 Model D1331 Model D1333 Model D1335 Model D1337 Model D1339 Model D1344 Model D1345
Model D1346 Model D1347 Model D1757 Model TPA-1 Model TPA-2

Philco's 1956 radio line was slightly larger than 1955, with more clock radios but fewer portables. They offered more portable phonographs, including models with fold-up stands which made them usable as floor or table models.

Two unusual models for 1956: a portable radio designed especially for women, with a mirror under the lid and a storage compartment (D665). And one table model radio did not have a clock, but did have an automatic timer (D725).

The Transitone name was used for the last time on lower-priced 1956 Philco models.

Philco introduced two portable phonographs for the 1956 season that used transistors instead of tubes (TPA-1 and TPA-2). These operated on battery power.

The 1956 Philco Line

Philco Model D579

Model D579

Philco released six models for the 1956 season that used the same chassis, receiving the AM band and using only four tubes with an autodyne mixer - these models had no IF amplification.

This was one of those six models.

The cabinet is brown plastic.


Philco Model D590

Model D590

Using the same chassis as the D579 above, the D590 is in an ebony plastic cabinet.

Philco Model D591

Model D591

Another four tube autodyne model, this Philco set was available in three colors (Cherry, Ivory, and Lime).

Philco Model D592

Model D592

This model used a conventional five tube circuit, and was available in a black plastic cabinet.

Philco Model D593

Model D593

Similar to the D592 above, the D593 was available in the following colors:

  • Caribbean Green
  • Cherry
  • Ivory

Philco Model D595

Model D595

Electronically identical to the D592, the D595 was available in the following colors:

  • Amazon Green
  • Calypso Red
  • Ivory

Philco Model D597

Model D597

A five tube table model, this Philco came in the following colors:

  • Aztec Gold
  • Inca Emerald
  • Matador Red

Philco Model D598

Model D598

This Philco model included a phono jack so a phonograph could be connected to this radio. The set uses two speakers and includes a tone control, an uncommon feature in 1950s table model radios.

The cabinet is wood with a mahogany finish.

Philco Model D655

Model D655 "Sportster"

This portable model uses four tubes plus a selenium rectifier, and can operate on AC or DC current, or on batteries.

The leather covering was available in Rio Red and Veradera Sand as well as tan.

Most of these sets found today no longer have the long shoulder strap which is shown in the illustration at left.

Philco Model D661

Model D661

Using the same chassis as the D655 above, the D661 was enclosed in a plastic cabinet available in three colors:

  • Caribbean Green
  • Navy
  • Tropical Red

Philco Model D664

Model D664

This AM-only portable uses four tubes plus a selenium rectifier, and operates on AC or DC household current, or on battery power.

It was available in seven different colors:

  • Two-toned green
  • Two-toned gray
  • Two-toned brown
  • Star Frost (not known at this time exactly what color this is)
  • Fiesta Red
  • Coral and Gray
  • Brown and Tan

Philco Model D665

Model D665 "Overnighter"

Designed especially for women, the D665 includes a mirror under the lid and a storage compartment.

The AM radio uses four tubes plus a selenium rectifier and can operate on batteries or household current (AC or DC).

The set was available in four different colors:

  • Light Green
  • Brown Alligator
  • Star Frost
  • Fiesta Red (shown at left)

Philco Model D717

Model D717

A four tube autodyne Philco clock radio which was available in a brown plastic cabinet.

Philco Model D719

Model D719

This four tube clock radio was available in three colors:

  • Ivory
  • Old Rose
  • Spruce Green

Philco Model D725

Model D725

Using the same five tube chassis as the D597 above, the D725 includes an interval timer (no clock).

Philco Model D726

Model D726

Similar to the D719 and using the same four-tube radio chassis as the D579, the D726 was only available in an ebony plastic cabinet.

Philco Model D727

Model D727

This five tube clock radio was only available in black.

Philco Model D728

Model D728 "Senora"

Similar to the D727 above, the D728 was available in three colors:

  • Bermuda Pink (shown at left)
  • Caribbean Green
  • Ivory

Each color used a different grille cloth pattern which, according to Philco, was "inspired by the Spanish Mantilla."

Philco Model D730

Model D730

A five tube clock radio which was available in three colors.

  • Bolero Red
  • Mayan Turquoise
  • Ivory

Philco Model D734

Model D734

This clock radio model included an automatic radio or alarm feature, and a delayed "off" setting. The clock could also be set to automatically turn on and off any appliance plugged into the outlet in back of the radio.

It was available in the following colors:

  • Aztec Gold
  • Calypso Red
  • Inca Emerald
  • Ivory

Philco Model D736

Model D736

This Philco model resembles a small tombstone radio, and is in a wood cabinet with a mahogany finish.

The set uses five tubes and includes a clock with timer and alarm.

Philco Model D737

Model D737

This clock radio includes the features of the D734 above plus a phono jack to allow a phonograph or other audio device to be played throuh the radio.

This set was only available in black.

Philco Model D738

Model D738

Similar to the D737 above, the D738 was available in three color combinations:

  • Ivory and Aztec Gold (shown at left)
  • Ivory and Inca Emerald
  • Ivory and Matador Red

Philco Model D1331

Model D1331

Reminiscent of the old RP-1 wireless phonograph of 1939-1942, the D1331 has no cover for its metal cabinet. It also was not wireless; it has a built-in one tube amplifier (with selenium rectifier) and a small speaker. It can play 33-1/3, 45 and 78 rpm records.

Philco Model D1333

Model D1333

Another three speed portable phonograph, it also uses a one tube amplifier with a selenium rectifier.

The plastic covered wood case was available only in Ginger.

Philco Model D1335

Model D1335

This three speed portable was available in four colors:

  • Antique White
  • Caribbean Green
  • Cork/Sierra Brown
  • Patina Green

Philco Model D1337

Model D1337

This portable model includes a three speed automatic record changer, a three tube amplifier, and a 4 inch speaker.

Philco Model D1339

Model D1339

This model uses the same three tube amplifier as the D1337 above.

It came with wrought iron legs which could be attached to the bottom of the cabinet, making this a free standing set.

Philco Model D1344

Model D1344

Another three tube portable with a three speed record changer, this model was available in tan and ivory (shown at left) or black and ivory. It uses two 4 inch speakers.

Philco Model D1345

Model D1345

A portable radio-phonograph with built-in Sessions clock. It uses five tubes and receives the AM band. The automatic record changer can play 33-1/3, 45 and 78 rpm records.

Philco Model D1346

Model D1346 "Miss America"

This portable phonograph includes legs which could be folded open to allow the set to be used as a self-standing floor model phonograph.

It includes a three speed automatic record changer, a three tube amplifier, and two 6 inch speakers.

Philco Model D1347

Model D1347

A table model high fidelity phonograph with an 8 inch speaker and an electrostatic tweeter, the D1347 also includes a 6 watt audio amplifier and a three speed automatic record changer.

The cabinet was available in mahogany (shown at left) or blonde.

Philco Model D1757

Model D1757

A console version of the D1347, the D1757 uses a 10 inch speaker along with an electrostatic tweeter.

Like the D1347, the D1757 was also available with mahogany or blonde finishes.

Philco Model TPA-1

Model TPA-1

Philco's first consumer electronics products to use transistors instead of tubes, the TPA-1 and TPA-2 both include three transistor amplifiers and a single speed 45 rpm phonograph.

The unit operates on batteries.

Philco Model TPA-2, red and gray Philco Model TPA-2 brown and tan

Model TPA-2

Similar to the TPA-1 above, the TPA-2 was available in two colors: red/gray (shown at left) and brown/tan (shown at right).