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On these pages I have listed numerous photos of USA Philco home sets built from 1928 through 1960.

The pages are broken down by calendar year though 1934; model year from 1935 on. Philco did not observe "model years" until June 1934, which marked the introduction of their 1935 model lineup. Normally, Philco introduced a new radio line in June, followed by mid-season model changes seven months later in January. Sometimes, models were changed, added, or removed in months other than June or January; these changes, when major, are noted in the list below.

I have tried to use the best possible photographs available to me to represent each model. In many cases, however, I had no choice but to use Philco catalog illustrations. The quality of these illustrations ranges from very good to very poor. I chose to colorize most of the prewar catalog illustrations to give an approximation of how the particular set looked. When using these illustrations for reference, please keep in mind that the colors may not be accurate in these illustrations.

Please note that Philco did not manufacture radios for civilian use during 1943, 1944 or 1945.

Original selling prices and production figures for each model made between 1928 and 1948 are taken from information given in Philco Furniture History, an in-house Philco document showing (almost) every Philco cabinet ever made.

Please note that original selling prices and production figures are not currently available for 1949 and later Philco radio models.

The listing of Philco radio models in these Gallery pages are comprehensive and, to the best of my knowledge, include every known/documented USA model through the 1957 model year. Pages for 1958, 1959 and 1960 Philcos may not show or list all of the radio models for these three years and may contain errors in the transistor radio listings.

Warning to Dial-Up Computer Users

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Fall 1931 January 1932 June 1932 Fall 1932
January 1933 June 1933 July 1933 Fall 1933
January 1934 1935 (June 1934) 1935 (Fall 1934) January 1935
1936 (June 1935) January 1936 1937 (June 1936) January 1937
1938 (June 1937) 1938 Phonos January 1938 1939 (June 1938)
1939 Phonos January 1939 1940 (June 1939) 1940 (August 1939)
January 1940 1941 (June 1940) January 1941 1942 (June 1941)
January 1942 January 1946 Lost 1946 Models January 1947
1948 (June 1947) January 1948 1949 1950
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