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What is my radio worth?

Is this radio worth anything?This is a subject which receives a lot of questions. (The only question that is asked more often is "Where can I find parts for my Philco radio?" For that answer, see the Resources pages.) We are sorry, but we make it a policy to not answer questions asking what a radio is worth; it states so clearly on the Contact Us page.

Why not?

Because, in all honesty, we really do not know what your radio is worth!

Values are quite subjective and can vary from one area of the country to another and even from one day to another.

Prices which radios sell for on eBay are not, as is often thought, a reliable barometer of pricing.

Again, why not?

eBay selling prices only tell what someone was willing to pay for a particular example of a radio at that point in time.

Let us say there are two different Philco Model 89B radios for sale during the same week. One looks as if it was removed from a nice, airtight (and watertight) time capsule; in other words, mint original condition. The other may have numerous scratches and scuffs, tears in its grille cloth and speaker, and rust on its chassis.

Joe Schmuck gets outbid on the mint 89B at $475. Determined to buy an 89B at any price, Joe begins bidding on the other 89B and wins it at $350.

Does that mean all 89B sets are worth $350? Absolutely not! The price here was determined by how badly Joe Schmuck wanted to own an 89B; and in his case, money was no object.

One week later, two more 89B sets are put up for auction on eBay. Both sellers, seeing how much the other 89B sets sold for, set opening bids of $300.

Neither one attracts a single bid...thus proving the point that auction selling prices are not an accurate reflection of the value of a radio.

Phil Nelson's excellent website includes a page which reflects my views on radio values. You are invited to visit here to learn more.

There are a number of price guides on the market. You can find some of these at this site's online Bookstore.